For more than forty years, jewelry designer Kathy Young has been crafting a singular, stylish brand. She began sculpting her pieces in 1977, and if you were to sit down with this jewelry genius, she would state that simplicity is everything. But you would never guess it, as the work that goes into her “lost wax” process seems anything but. The first step in shaping a piece begins with her son, who generates a unique design on his computer. She then takes the time to wax and cast artfully by hand. And just as many artists do as a finishing touch, she stamps her signature in sterling silver or 14k gold on every creation. Kathy takes pride in her work and considers each a mini sculpture. She also creates abstract paintings and infused glass pieces, all of which can be found for sale in her store on Main Street in Greenville. Young’s wax jewelry-making process is proof that beauty is found in time-honored tradition.