If you think adding some kale to your diet is the way to wellness, there’s a new way to supercharge your health. Through IV therapy, you’ll be able to boost immunity, increase energy levels, jumpstart weight loss, optimize sports performance, relieve headaches, hangovers and allergy woes, receive anti-aging benefits, and generally detox the body.

With dozens of vitamin and mineral “cocktails” that hit your bloodstream in minutes, IV drips are the quick and easy way to feel better fast. We’ve highlighted a few options from A to Zinc, all administered by nurses.

Revived Aesthetics

This modern spa-like space is an oasis of calm. Settle into one of the six white leather lounge chairs, and get ready to rev up your skin, hair, and nails with the glutathione “Glow” IV. Or if you’ve imbibed a bit too much, choose from three recovery/hangover “Revive” options. Shots, memberships and packages are available.

700 Garlington Road Suite E Greenville, SC

Wellness by Design

Planning to travel? Wellness by Design offers the Vitamin C and Zinc  “Immunity Booster” IV, which works wonders pre-or post-flight. Their “Chelation” drip treats heavy metal toxicity in the body – you’ll see the results with before and after testing. Try the “Bedroom Booster” which jumpstarts the libido in just one treatment. A private room is also available.

850 South Pleasantburg #103 Greenville, SC


This cheery, bright blue space offers the full spectrum of wellness with cryotherapy, micronutrient testing, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, plus compression and stretch therapy in addition to IV’s. Popular drips are the Vitamin B-rich “Unstoppable,” to energize the body and the “Radiant” to amp up collagen production and reduce inflammation. Shots, boosts and memberships are available.

1143 Woodruff Road Suite A1 Greenville, SC  

Optimal Self MD

Certified functional medicine MD, Dr. Katherine Birchenough oversees all care and custom mixes IV’s as needed. Try the Brain Refuel™ to aid cell regeneration and help conquer depression, anxiety and autoimmune diseases, or get a relaxing facial while your “Skin Boosting” IV drips. Those in a hurry can avail themselves of the “Quick Myers Cocktail,” a 5-minute IV treatment chock full of B Vitamins, electrolytes, nutrients and minerals.

25 South Laurens and 2801 Woodruff Road #202 Greenville, SC


Dripros offers concierge mobile services. They’ll come right to your door to revitalize you whether it’s your home, workplace or the gym. Try the “Mamba” to decrease muscle soreness and recovery time after athletic pursuits, or the “Hydrate Me” to prep before or after surgery. An IV can also alleviate suffering from the flu, nausea, morning sickness or migraines.

Mobile services only.

Alchemy West

Aptly named “The Skinny” this IV works to optimize the nutrient levels in the body to increase metabolism, burn more fat, build more lean muscle and curb the appetite. The “Covid Quarantini” increases immunity as it heals, restores and protects the body from viral infections with high doses of C, Zinc and B vitamins. Medicines can be added to all drips.

27 East Broad Street Greenville, SC