Think Forward


he mind is a powerful muscle, and we hold both the lock and the key to our limitless potential.

The mode of January is reflection, reset, and resolution. In our Wellness Issue, we present stories of individuals who seem to possess an extra bit of chutzpah. They are on the offense, going after life instead of waiting for the hit. Such examples inspire us, but ultimately we learn best by doing: by exploring the road less traveled, by pushing forward in the face of fear. Fear is the screen between where we stand and our greatest goals, dreams, and desires. We hold ourselves back because control feels comfortable.

But life is not about maintaining comfort. It is about growth, change, and awakening.

Finding the drive to push beyond what the mind says you cannot do—because of its inherent need for control—requires effort. Just like hitting the gym or gunning for that extra mile, your mind responds to, and remembers, what has come before. The more you use it, the better it functions. Train it to be open, and it will. Keep it locked in comfort, and there it’ll stay. Challenge it to create and expand, and see how your life changes. Keep it in a small, static, well-worn place, and life will feel like a continuous Netflix binge.

Our choices are like game pieces that make up the grand scheme of our lives. Like pixel points, they create the view in front of us. If we choose to live in focus—sharply, boldly, and intentionally—our frame glows like an HD screen. But if we choose the opposite, we can blur the image, dull the quality, and dilute the experience.

During this liminal month, between what has come and what is next, there is no better time to harness the power of your mind. The difference between what you can achieve and where you are is the blink of a single thought.

Blair Knobel, Editor-in-Chief,