Blair Barneycastle & Jonathan Hull

October 24, 2020

When Blair moved to Greenville for work, she wasn’t in a hurry to meet a guy. But when a friend from her hometown pressed her to meet Jonathan, she acquiesced after he assured her that Jonathan—who was a friend of his from college—was the nicest person he knew. Once Jonathan had Blair’s number, he was insistent that they meet, and after a few dates, Blair was convinced he really was the nicest, most genuine guy she had ever met. Some four years later, in Blair’s hometown of St. Mary’s, Georgia, Jonathan pulled off a surprise engagement at the soft opening of a good friend’s new restaurant. At the end of the meal, when everyone was taking photos, Jonathan took a knee. The wedding was held on the Hulls’ family bison farm in Taylors, where the couple now lives. As their relationship grew in parallel with the farm, they couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. In a custom-made gown from Savvy Bride and against a background of bison, Blair said “yes” to forever with her best friend.

By Jack Robert Photography