Courtney Guyeska & Austin Lanier

September 5, 2020

Courtney and Austin met just after Courtney’s little sister, Angel, passed away, and part of their romance revolved around her memory. Angel had Down syndrome, and in the summer of 2015 the two sisters had planned to go to an overnight camp together. After Angel’s tragic death dashed their plans, Courtney decided to go anyway. It was an experience she kept repeating, in later years with Austin joining her. When it came time to propose, there was no better spot than this camp that had meant so much to both of them. Under the guise of attending the camp dance, Austin arranged for 21 campers to hand Courtney notes on her way to the chapel, listing everything he loved about her. When she found him down on one knee, she couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. Their wedding was set at The Oaks Venue in Salisbury, NC, where Courtney’s mom held Angel’s photo as she walked down the aisle, and at the reception, her dad sang a song he had written when Courtney was born. It was an event full of love, symbolic of Courtney and Austin’s relationship. The couple now lives in Greer.

By McKenzie Norman with M. Marie Photography