Brandy Jackson & Sam Sinclair

September 18, 2020

Brandy and Sam are true to their gym. After all, it’s where they both regularly work out and where Sam first worked up the nerve to speak to Brandy. It’s where their friendship blossomed, eventually growing into a deep love for one another. The gym is also the place Sam asked Brandy for her hand nearly a year after they started dating. Though she was dressed in sweaty workout clothes, Brandy didn’t hesitate to say “yes!” When it came time to pick a venue, the pair decided on The School House in Travelers Rest, a rustic vision of a wedding venue. Brandy and Sam celebrated their marriage with friends and family, and two wedding dresses—one for the official photos and one for the reception—as Brandy wanted to look both sleek and like a princess. The couple lives in Lancaster.

By McKenzie Norman with M. Marie Photography and The Ten Oh Eight Co.