Crystal Reid & Jay Baltz

May 22, 2020


rystal and Jay met on a dating app in 2017. Crystal was living in Greenwood at the time, and the first time they met in person they shared a Thai meal followed by frozen yogurt. Two years later, on Memorial Day Weekend, Jay planned a surprise picnic for Crystal at Twin Falls. As they were sitting on the rocks, bathed in the mist from the waterfall, Jay asked Crystal to be his bride. She quickly said “yes!” just before he lost his footing on the rocks and slipped into the water (guess you could say he really fell for her). At Songhill Reserve in Landrum the couple walked down the aisle hand-in-hand and were married in an intimate ceremony with just their parents in attendance. They now live in Spartanburg and commute to Greenville, where Crystal works as an occupational therapist and Jay as a computer science teacher at Greenville High.

By Antonio Modesto Milian