Karen Routhier & Zachary Hawks

December 7, 2019

Just before starting their college careers at Clemson, Karen and Zach met at an undergrad research program, where they studied under the same professor. Once they started classes, the pair remained friends until their junior year, when they realized there was something more. Nearly three years later on an afternoon hike, Karen and Zach reached the overlook of the Rocky Bald in the Nine Times Preserve for lunch, and over dessert Zach took out a ring and proposed. In a ceremony at The Stables at Forevermore Farms, they showcased both their love and adventures together. Each table at the reception featured a different place the couple had visited, and their seating chart was outlined on a map. Guests buzzed all evening with homemade beer and wine. The pair currently resides in Greenville, but Karen will soon start her residency as a medical student, while Zach works as a software engineer.

By Red Apple Tree Photography