Keaton Virginia Stroud & Samuel Egan Rogers

November 9, 2019

While both were keeping warm at Jack and Diane’s piano bar on a snowy evening in 2017, Keaton and Samuel met for the first time. He had caught Keaton’s eye, and her friend told Samuel that Keaton thought he was cute. This sparked the conversation and their relationship. The two dated for about two years before Sam proposed. He asked her to go on a drive in their PJs, with doughnuts in the car, to enjoy sunrise at Pretty Place, where he popped the question. The special day was celebrated at First Presbyterian Church of Greenwood, in the town where Keaton grew up and the church where her parents were married. Their wedding was a part-modern and part-classical affair that began with Southern elegance and turned into a contemporary, confetti-filled dance party complete with disco dancers. All the details were thoughtfully chosen from the church to the disco ball at the reception, a perfect blend of Keaton’s city life and hometown roots. The couple now lives in Greenville and still remembers the shock on their guests’ faces when they saw the disco ball.

By Angela Cox Zion