From its Charlotte home, The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art boasts a sizeable collection of renowned works, but had yet to release a significant portion of its holdings until now. Bechtler Unseen: Works from the ’50s and ’60s exhibits more than 100 pieces, highlighting artists across the globe who have nurtured the modern art movement. The collection covers ground over a variety of mediums, including works by Joan Miro, Georges Braque, Jean Hans Arp, and Pablo Picasso. Within these pieces, the collection wholly reminds of the depth, variety, and history within the modern movement and one of its peak eras.—Sydney Taylor                           

Bechtler Unseen: Works from the ’50s and ’60s will be on display at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, through March 17th. The gallery is located at 420 S Tryon St, Charlotte, and is open Monday, Wednesday–Saturday from 10am–5pm, and Sunday, noon–5pm. For more information visit