Though art has evolved through the years, its value remains timeless. The Appalachia Now! exhibit at the newly renovated Asheville Art Museum respectfully tributes the talents of contemporary artists in southern Appalachia. These individuals combine to represent the diversity of creative minds in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas, as their work invites others to be inspired by their interpretation of the region’s culture. Additionally, this inaugural display will be each artist’s first featured work in the museum’s collection of twentieth- and twenty-first-century pieces. Visitors are encouraged to engage in this community experience—which proves that the culture, people, and art in this region are lasting.—Bailey Pierson

Appalachia Now! will be on display beginning November 14. For more information, visit

Above artwork: Tom Shields, Bridge. 2017. 48 in. x 72 in. x 20 in., cast iron.