Rebecca Britton & Barrett Blackstock

May 8, 2020

Rebecca was living in Charlotte and Barrett in Atlanta when the two met on an impromptu double date with their best friends, who happened to be dating. The pair clicked instantly, and eventually decided to meet in the middle of their two home cities and move to Greenville. After just a year and a half, Rebecca and Barrett were house-sitting for her twin sister in Asheville when Barrett convinced her to take a break from work and accompany him to her favorite brewery, Burial. Over beers, Barrett asked Rebecca to be his bride and they celebrated her enthusiastic “yes!” with a few more drinks. The couple originally planned their wedding to be in Alabama, but the COVID-19 outbreak forced them to improvise. Rebecca’s older sister organized the entire day: Rebecca and Barrett were married in a friend’s backyard, with all of their loved ones watching via Zoom to congratulate the new couple. After a wedding day that was perfectly imperfect, the couple is reveling in their new chapter as husband and wife in Greenville

By Jack Robert Photography