If you spot a navy open-wheel race car on the roads around Greenville this fall, don’t be shocked. The SVF1, as it’s called, is the eye-catching new ride for Neil Ferrier, owner of Discommon Concepts and Discommon Goods.

Built by Joe Scarbo of Scarbo Performance in Lake Forest, California, whom Neil met while he was working nearby in his previous career, the vehicle is Ferrier’s dream car. “As my [new] business grew, so grew my itch for one of Joe’s cars,” the Scottish-born mechanical engineer confesses.

The SVF1, which Ferrier helped design, shares specs with a modern race car that Scarbo modeled after the 1967 Ferrari 312. Neil modified the chassis shape to pay homage to the Gurney Eagle F1, created for the 1960s-era champion Formula 1 driver Dan Gurney. Known for its beak-like nose, the Eagle is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful Formula 1 cars ever made.

“Part of the job of having the brand called Discommon is to make sure that I continue down the path of doing disruptive and uncommon projects,” says Ferrier, a self-professed car nut. “And I’m pretty sure a 1960s Formula 1 car falls into that category.”