Katy and Gracen Glenn grew up in Greenville surrounded by creativity. Their mom is an antiques dealer, while their dad has always been an engineer of sorts, fixing things that are broken and making old things new again. The lamp kept popping up during their childhood: their mom’s customers either couldn’t find a good shade, or they had no idea where to get their lamps fixed. Katy and Gracen’s parents were the solution for these problems, and years later, the two sisters realized they could put their own stamp on the perfect lampshade.

Sorella Glenn (sorella is Italian for “sister”) launched in November 2019, with the mission of creating colorful lampshades that are bold enough for lovers of design, and yet just right for those unsure of an entire wall painted bright blue.

“There was a need for more color,” Gracen says. “And the goal was to choose patterns that we thought would work well with existing color schemes and designs.”

Katy and Gracen design the shades and ensure fine craftsmanship in each hand-pleated detail. The sisters’ use of dynamic patterns and bright colors spark a fresh look in an otherwise simple room.

Sorella Glenn ships locally and nationally, so find the perfect shade to uplift your space—and mood.

Shop Sorella Glenn at sorellaglenn.com.