Sarah Reinhardt & Justin Rockwell

November 3, 2018

Cupid may be one of history’s most famous matchmakers, but it was Justin Rockwell’s son Jude who played that role in helping his dad meet the love of his life—minus the bow and arrow, of course. Justin was a single dad at the time, on the search for a babysitter to keep an eye on Jude during the last few days of summer vacation. Sparks flew immediately when he crossed paths with a nanny named Sarah Reinhardt. The timing wasn’t exactly right then, and it took another year for Justin to take his future bride out on their first official date. Over breakfast at Biscuit Head, the couple’s shared sense of humor and brilliant conversation rekindled their feelings for one another. A surprise birthday trip to Savannah for Justin in June 2017 became a surprise engagement for Sarah when Justin proposed on the city’s historic downtown streets. Much more than just a union of husband and wife, Justin and Sarah’s intimate Falls Park ceremony was a reflection of the love, commitment, and future plans the couple will share with eight-year-old Jude. Sarah exchanged heartfelt vows with both Justin and Jude, honoring the start of a fresh chapter full of adventures and excitement for this new family of three.

Photography by Chelsey Ashford