Jordan Baab & Kat Carter

November 10, 2018

They say who you date in middle school doesn’t count, but for Jordan Baab and Kat Carter, their tweenage romance turned out to be the real thing. After their short-lived adolescent relationship came to a close, the two became best friends. Thirteen years of friendship later, Jordan and Kat tried their hand at romance once again. It was on a hike on the Appalachian Trail that Jordan chose to make his best friend and girlfriend his fiancé. A viewfinder filled with images of their decades-long love story ended with a single image asking, “Will you marry me?” Kat looked at Jordan, who was down on his knee, and happily accepted. The two married at the Huguenot Loft, where a tree was planted in lieu of a unity candle, a symbol of the pair’s deep-rooted love. The bride wore a Kenneth Wilson gown, and Chunky Daddy provided tunes throughout the evening. The two now work in Charlotte, where Kat is a graphic designer for Northwood Office, and Jordan works in sales at Norfolk Wire & Electronics.

By Simply Violet Photography