We’re sliding into that stretch of summer where hot, languid afternoons melt into cool evenings on the porch, drink in hand and friends at your side. And now that we’re all looking to entertain much-missed company again, these recipes make serving your guests something a little more elegant than a cooler of beer (yet still simple and refreshing!) easy and delicious.

Whether you’re mixing up two drinks or doubling the ingredients to fill a pitcher, these favorite libations are a batch cocktail win-win.

Our Most Popular Summer Cocktails 

The Smooth Devil: Vintage Tequila Cocktail is the perfect way to please fans of the margarita’s bright, bold flavors while elevating the evening—and adding an element of history. This tempting mix of tequila, lime juice, and crème de cassis, finished with ginger beer, has a retro tiki bar history that dates back to 1946, but swirled into an unfussy pitcher and served under the stars? It doesn’t get more fresh and modern than that.

The clean, sparkling flavors of this Cucumber Mint Spritz are like a cool breeze on a humid afternoon. Add in the conversation starter that is its fascinating, locally-made star ingredient—Six and Twenty Distillery’s Bradford Family Watermelon Brandy—and you have a recipe for a fun night in your hand. Approachable and easy to make, this cocktail is ideal for serving as a crowd-pleasing punch.

The tropical, spicy vibes of our Balmy Breeze Mezcal Cocktail are a revelation. The addition of ginger kombucha adds an element of wellness to the zingy, smoky concoction, leaving everyone feeling good—and pairs perfectly with taco night on the porch. If you’re longing for a day on the beach, but facing instead another day of back-to-back meetings, this dose of sunshine in a glass can at least take you there in spirit, if not in person. Salut!

easy summer cocktail recipes easy summer cocktail recipes