Good wine. Good food. Good friends. This recipe for a great night is also the formula that led to Wine House, Greenville’s jewel box of a wine shop. After years of enjoying wine around each other’s tables, friends and co-owners Nathan Luginbill and Nolan Merritt turned their shared passion for wine into a relaxed space that reflects their unique perspectives. “Wine is an experience,” says Merritt.

“Wine should be fun,” adds Luginbill. A certified sommelier, he leads curation of the wine selection, although Merritt, an avid wine collector, jumps in to contribute. Wine House focuses on smaller production wines, searching out unique discoveries that range from everyday drinkers to collector-worthy. The shop rounds out the offerings with frequent tastings and wine dinners.

Part bottle shop, part tasting room, Wine House cultivates a salon vibe that contrasts the industry’s typical aesthetic. Walls are painted a deep, moody green; lamps are low; and a stunning pair of massive Diane Kilgore-Congdon paintings frames up the living room-like lounge. The effect is stylish and beautiful, but most of all, it’s welcoming. “Our customers feel comfortable coming in to grab a bottle or enjoy a glass anytime, even straight after finishing a Crossfit workout next door,” says Merritt.

They chose their neighbors intentionally when locating Wine House on Haywood Road. “We love going downtown, but we thought there was a need on this side of Greenville,” explains Luginbill. Wine House has become the neighborhood wine shop they envisioned. Regulars run in after work to snag a few bottles for the weekend. Others while away the evening with wine by the glass or bottle (no corkage fees!), along with charcuterie, snacks, and cider or beer for non-wine drinkers. Luginbill and Merritt are having fun—and from the looks of it, so are their customers. “I tell people, ‘Drink what you like,’” says Luginbill, “‘but always keep experiencing new wines.'”

Wine House, 475 Haywood Rd #8, Greenville. (864) 451-7307,

Photography by Rebecca Lehde